Instant prosthetic changes

Quickfoot is a new rapid-change adapter that allows you to change your prosthetic foot in a manner of seconds.


No nuts, bolts, or screws. When you’re ready to remove your foot, it’s as simple as a twist and lift.

Never Miss A Step

By letting you rapidly change prosthetics, QuickFoot keeps you ready to go for each and all of your activities.

You Do You

You don’t need to be an athlete to make the most of QuickFoot. From showing off the latest streetwear to putting on a pair of sweatpants when you get home, QuickFoot lets you do it faster.

Keep Your Options Open

Gone are the days of worrying about heel rise when changing shoes. QuickFoot allows you to set it and forget it.

Time For Change

It’s time to take back your life. What can you do with all the time you’ll save using QuickFoot?

Why we are different


A pinnacle of engineering, QuickFoot’s innovative design is the perfect hybrid between simplicity and strength.


QuickFoot is made from the same aircraft-grade aluminum and steel that goes into military fighter jets. It won’t buckle under pressure.


Thousands of hours of testing across multiple machines ensures that the millionth step you take with QuickFoot feels just as good as the first.


Quickfoot listens to both O&P professionals and end users. Whether the changes are structural, cosmetic, or something else entirely, we aim to please.

seamless switch.

endless possibilities.

From QuickFoot users

“Quality of life–once you get it, man. It is that much of a game-changer.”

Mike Will

Amputee for 12 years

“Just being able to change clothes is a huge benefit, especially for the lower levels.”

Bob Smith

CPO, 7 Years

“It’s completely given my life back. I now feel like I GET to live life on my terms versus just trying to survive. Never will get another leg without QuickFoot.”

Scottie Fehlberg

Amputee for 3 years

“This is a great idea. There’s definitely a place for it for a lot of amputees.”

Tom Ewer

CPO, 15 Years

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