quickfoot user feedback

“Two years post-amputation and I felt the world had limited me. Then QuickFoot entered my life, and it was game-changing. Suddenly, I was back on the golf course, biking trails, running, and even wake surfing.

Not only has QuickFoot given me the physical versatility I craved, but it’s been a defiant answer to every naysayer. With QuickFoot, I’m not just living – I’m thriving. Here’s to proving everyone wrong!”

– Scottie Fehlberg, Below-the-Knee Amputee

“Quality of life – once you get it, man. It is that much of a game-changer.”


“I’ve talked to a lot of amputees about what it’s like, changing shoes, and they say, ‘I don’t.’ They don’t change shoes. It’s just a pain in the ass. What they had out there just didn’t make sense. There’s got to be a better way of doing business. And that’s what we’re trying to do, a better way of doing things.”

– Mike Will, Below-the-Knee Amputee


My first impression of QuickFoot was that this device could totally change people’s lives.

QuickFoot makes my life easier because I’m able to get my shoes and socks on and off without having to reach to the end of my long leg. I’m able to wear clothes that I couldn’t before and I’m able to quickly change in a matter of just seconds.

This device is easy to use—people with arthritis could be able to change out their shoes more quickly or get dressed quicker. I would recommend QuickFoot to any other amputee to add some time back to their life.

– Kayla Stearns, Below-the-Knee Amputee

“This is a great idea. There’s definitely a place for it for a lot of amputees.”

– CPO, 15 years

“Just being able to change clothes is a huge benefit, especially for the lower levels.”

– CPO, 7 years