How QuickFoot Works

QF Guide

How to use QuickFoot

Thank you for your interest in QuickFoot! The following images will serve as a guide for basic use.


QuickFoot is available in many different configurations. Talk with your prosthetist to determine your specific build’s requirements, as that might limit which versions of QuickFoot will work with your prosthetic build.


QuickFoot is comprised of two halves. The part that attaches to your prosthetic foot is called the “lower.” This must be installed by a clinician to ensure it does not impede your gait or posture.


The part of QuickFoot that connects to your socket/residual limb is called the “upper.” Again, this must be installed by a clinician who will double check angles, pitch, and elevation.


With both halves of QuickFoot installed on your prosthetic build, you’re ready to go!


Lower your pylon onto your prosthetic foot.


Due to QuickFoot’s self-aligning pin, as long as your foot is close to the proper orientation, everything will line up automatically as you press down on your foot.


If QuickFoot does not feel like it is attaching correctly, make sure the barrel portion of the upper is unlocked by twisting all the way counterclockwise. The ratcheting sound will stop and the barrel will not twist any further when fully unlocked. Try to step into your foot once again.


You're Now A QuickFoot Pro!

Once properly seated, twist the barrel clockwise to lock the device. QuickFoot is fully locked when the barrel stops rotating and the ratcheting sound stops. You are now good to go!


QuickFoot lets you quickly swap your feet. Let’s see if we can answer your questions just as quickly. Below are some of the most common things we hear. If your question isn’t listed below, get in touch—we’re happy to help.

Is QuickFoot an entire prosthetic limb?

No, QuickFoot is a quick-change adapter that interfaces with your prosthetic components. It is an additional component that is added on to the prosthetic limb that your clinician builds for you.

Where is your clinic located? Do you service my area?

QuickFoot is not a O&P clinic. We are a manfacturer of components. Your prosthetist will decide if QuickFoot is right for you and then order specific components through us. They will then install QuickFoot on your prosthetic limb on your next visit.

Can I install QuickFoot myself?

QuickFoot should only be installed by your licensed O&P professional. While QuickFoot is very easy to use once installed, your doctor will ensure that everything is aligned and configured to work with your current prosthetic limb.

Does it really only take seconds to swap feet?

Yes! After twisting the lock to release your prosthetic foot, line up your pylon with the new foot and step down lightly. QuickFoot’s auto-align mechanism will make sure everything falls into place. Twist again, and you’re good to go!

How do I clean QuickFoot?

QuickFoot is designed so that a quick wipe-down of the lower cone with a towel or microfiber cloth to remove dirt and dust will usually be sufficient. If a more thorough cleaning is required, we recommend soap and water.

How much does QuickFoot weigh?

The weight of QuickFoot will change depending on the build style and configuration, but the base model weighs less than 270 grams.

What is QuickFoot’s build height?

The build height of QuickFoot will change depending on the build style and configuration options, but the base model will add approximately 80 mm to your prosthesis.

How durable is QuickFoot?

QuickFoot has been tested to three million cycles at 220 pounds of force. While this should exceed the needs for most users, we recommend replacing QuickFoot when you replace your lower-limb prosthetic, usually every 3 years.

I am a competitive K4 athlete. Is QuickFoot right for me?

QuickFoot will stand up to the demands of most beginner- to intermediate-level athletes but please contact us if you believe your demands exceed these levels. We have new products under development for elite athletes and would love to work with you.

Once QuickFoot is installed, how frequently should I visit my O&P professional?

Once installed properly, QuickFoot requires no special maintenance. Continue visiting your licensed O&P professional with the same frequency recommended by your doctor. However, in the event of discomfort or misalignment of your prosthetic limb, make an appointment as soon as possible.