QuickFoot Features

No tools, bolts, or screws. When you’re ready to remove your foot, it’s as simple as a twist and lift.

quickfoot’s a step ahead.

Long gone are the days where you’re stuck with one pair of shorts or a single type of foot.

There’s a better way, and you can be assured QuickFoot’s sole focus to let you live life on your terms again.

Easy-to-use mechanism

Toolless, so you can change on the go

A strong, yet simple, design

Premium aircraft-grade materials

Engineered with safety in mind

Change. Change again.

Many of the amputees we’ve talked to have given up on pants, instead favoring shorts or skirts regardless of the weather outside. Why? Because that’s all they could pull over their shoe. With QuickFoot, your entire wardrobe is once again open to you. Jeans, khakis, slacks, jumpsuits, leggings–you can wear it all. 

Giddy up, cowboy.

Your shoes should be suited for the task at hand, but that doesn’t always happen when it takes ages to swap between footwear. No longer. By detaching your foot at the ankle, you can comfortably sit and easily change out shoes on your prosthetic limb.

Polish it up with a spit shine.

Take a look at the sock around your prosthetic foot. Is it the same color as when you originally put it on? Life is messy, and all sorts of things can fall into your footshell over the course of a week, a month, or even a year. When you can take your foot off and bring it to eye level, cleaning and maintenance don’t require you to be a master of yoga.

Live on the cutting edge.

Thinking about breaking up with your current prosthetic foot? With QuickFoot, you can try out different feet without radically disrupting your lifestyle. Once your clinician installs a lower on your new foot, a quick twist is all you need to go back and forth between the two. Don’t worry–your secret is safe with us.

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